What is the product?

Introducing Zanger®: Defending Your Space with Advanced AI Technology Experience the shield of security with Zanger®. Our AI-driven system establishes a protective barrier both around and above your designated secure zone. By swiftly detecting, assessing, deterring, reporting, and documenting any unauthorized access—including intrusion by drones or other remote-controlled devices—Zanger® ensures comprehensive protection. Affordable and Effortless: Installation, setup, and operation are seamless, making Zanger® an accessible solution for safeguarding your space. Our proprietary MAD-CC platform efficiently gathers and categorizes valuable data within a searchable database, all while adhering to legal and ethical standards. Trust Zanger Security to fortify your boundaries and keep your privacy intact

Our awesome features
Drones over city

What problems are solved?

People do not like to be watched

In 2020, the FAA reported that there were about 7 million drones in the United States alone. Of them approximately 90% were for hobbyists and 10% were for commercial drones. However, the prevalence of drones cannot be denied – a majority 59% of American population witnessed a drone in flight. The drone use is predicted to grow exponentially for the next 10 years. Study after study conducted in the US and Europe show deepening concern over privacy infringement by drones. What do all these findings tell us? Generally, people do not like to be watched. They particularly do not like to be video-taped secretly from the sky. And they really do not like being targeted for their ethnicity, neighborhood choices, or political affiliations.


Zanger® Home and Ranch Security system will automatically detect and disable drones hovering over the protected area.

Making money

Base product

The finished product will consist of main control unit (CU) and one sensor unit (SU). Consumers will have a variety of plug-n-play optional equipment to choose from, including additional SU for better coverage and larger area, stand-alone video cameras, 2-way communication device, drone jamming device, sound alarm and security lights. Considering the cost of similar equipment, also the fact that our system does not require a monthly subscription service, we are confident that at a 400% profit margin our technology will be quite affordable in the USA and Canada, which are our initial markets.

The Competition

There are a few products in the market that can be considered a competition to Zanger® Home and Ranch Security system. However, none of them has “drone jamming” capabilities. Most notable are Ring Door Bell and SimpliSafe. These 2 products together have only a few of the capabilities that Zanger® Home and Ranch Security system has. On top of it, even though Zanger® Home and Ranch Security is a far more advanced system, it is much easier to setup and operate. Few years back, Ring Door Bell was bought by Amazon for about $1.8 Billion.

Sensor unit
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