Your Privacy is under attack

Amazon, UPS, FedEx, DHL and many others are spending Billions on Drone Delivery systems. Their goal is not to save on driver's salary, or to deliver your package 30 minutes earlier. These drones will spy on you and collect marketing information about you.

Who you are

Your age, race, family, even your pets

Your household

Your hobbies, interests, what do you drive, condition of your roof, yard and if you have a pool,

Your neighborhood

How you and your household compare with others in the neighborhood?

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How Organized Crime Networks Are Using Drones to Their Advantage

Criminal groups increasingly deploying drones -- for purposes ranging from surveillance to reported armed attacks of rivals -- has provoked a strong government response in Mexico. But will it be enough?

Ten outrageous crimes committed using drones

According to a Sky News investigation, in 2018 in the UK alone, there have been more than 2400 reports of incidents involving drones. From road traffic collisions, criminal damage to voyeurism and stalking.

The rise of drone crime

The criminal UAV issue is not limited to America by any means. Police in the UK received 3,456 incident reports of drones behaving badly in 2016, a threefold jump from 2015, a 12-fold increase since 2014 and equivalent to 10 complaints a day.


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Millions of Commercial and privately owned drones:

You and your family will be spied on and bombarded with marketing companies