Features & Operation

Step 1. Preparation

Open the box and remove one of the units. Activate the unit by pressing the power button located on the side of the unit. Hold it down until the indicator light turns green.

Step 2. Activation

The active unit searches for a control device (phone, tablet, or computer) to connect with. Once it detects the device you’re using, press “Accept” on the device, then download the application program.

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Pick a user name and password. With the active unit in hand, walk, ride, or drive along the perimeter of the area you want to protect. When done, return to the start point. “Finish” and “Start Over” will appear on the control device’s screen. Select "Finish." At this point, you will be asked to activate the remaining units. Once you’re through activating them, select the “Done” option on your screen. The outline of the protected area will appear on your screen. You will also see blinking dots indicating the recommended placement sites for the units.

Step 3. Installation

The sensor units are weatherproof and tamper-resistant. Place the units at the recommended points and secure them with the provided fasteners. Your system is now armed. On the control device, you will see the surveillance areas covered by each unit. Adjust each sensor to cover the entire area and press “Done”.

Face recognition

Zanger® Home Security application on your control device will ask for your permission to access photos. Press “Allow”. Two options will appear on your screen - “Mark all safe” and “Select." When you choose “Mark all safe," all the people in the photos presented will be marked as safe. The system will not alert you when they enter the protected area. The “Select” button will allow you to assign “Safe” and “Unsafe” to each individual in your photos. If any person who is marked as "unsafe," or is not recognized by the system enters the protected area, you will receive an alert. The cameras will start recording and storing the data. You will also have the option to mark them as "Safe" or "Unsafe." You can also choose the options “Ignore" (cameras will stop recording and data will be erased”, “connect with someone," or “alert the police." The system can also recognize and categorize pets and wild animals.

Drone protection

Zanger Home Security system is capable of detecting a drone hovering above the protected area. The system will triangulate the position of the drone and will send an alert along with the relevant information to the control unit. The system will automatically activate counter-measures.

Other remote controlled apparatus

The system will detect and disable any other remote-control operating machines, such as RC cars and boats.

Theft/tamper resistance

When a person approaching one of the units is not recognized, Zanger Home Security system will arm itself, and the indicator light on the device will turn red. It will deliver an electric shock when touched and send an alert signal. The units are incapable of connecting with a different Zanger system unless the original User ID and Passwords are applied, meaning they can’t be used if stolen.

Optional equipment

You can add optional equipment to the system, including 2-way speakers, security lights, cameras, and sirens. These will seamlessly integrate into Zanger security system when turned on. You will be able to program this equipment by simply selecting features from a menu, including turning them on and off.

Neighborhood watch

Zanger® Home Security system gives you the option of connecting with the other Dome systems in your neighborhood, thereby providing a virtual security network for the entire area. When one user’s system detects a suspicious person or activity, they can “mark” that person in their system. In case the marked person turns up to be marked as “safe” by another user in the neighborhood, the neighbor who’s marked that person as unsafe will be notified and has the option of marking them as “safe." Otherwise, the marked person will continue to be marked as “Unsafe” for that user’s system, and safe in all other connected Zanger Security systems in the neighborhood.


Zanger® Home Security system has an optional feature that enables you to automatically connect and alert the police if unrecognized people enter your protected area.

Law enforcement databases

It also allows you to automatically receive pictures of dangerous individuals from the local police station or other law enforcement agencies as well as neighborhood watch websites, which will automatically be marked as "Unsafe" and stored in the system. In case these individuals enter the protected area, they will be detected, and the system will send you a warning that includes their particulars.

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