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Technical Analysis Completed

The concept and technical solutions have been evaluated by an independent, reputable engineering firm and the project was determined to be viable.. Ready for the prototype. An application for an International Utility Patent has been filed.

Drones Used in Crime Fly Under the Law’s Radar

Drones are increasingly being used by criminals across the country, and local law enforcement agencies are often powerless to stop them. New York Times

Drones and Criminal Law

The area of drone and UAV law is rapidly changing to compensate for the development of the drone industry and the increase in drone usage. However, at this point, very few criminal laws directly address the use of drones for criminal activities. That means when a drone is used to complete a crime, individuals can be charged for the crime itself, but usually nothing drone-specific. There are also regulations regarding UAV usage, generally, that individuals can be held accountable for failing to follow, although state and local law enforcement usually lack the ability to charge offenders under those laws.

Drone Forensic Analysis

Carrying capabilities of drones and their easy accessibility to the public have led to an increase in crimes committed using drones in recent years. For this reason, the need for forensic analysis of drones captured from the crime scenes and the devices used for these drones is also paramount. The camera mounted onto a drone raises significant data privacy concerns for organizations and public. Drone-mounted cameras are also being used for traditional crime such as burglary and unlawful spying..

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